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Engraving 101

Engraving is Here!

Stuck in Glass is proud to announce we have engraving options available for all our glasses. Now we’ve got some cool AND personalized glasses!

How our engraving works:

If you select any product on our site, you’ll find a screen with the product and the option to Personalize, then Select the check box


This then leads you to Etching type and Font Selection Initials.

Step 1.) Etching type allows you to either write Initials (up to 3 Letters) or write a message. A message consists of 3 lines and 15 characters on each line for a total of 45 characters. (Shot Glasses are limited to Initals and Wine Glass are limited to 2 lines for messages.)

Step 2.) Next, you have the option to select either a Bold Font or a Script Font.

Step 3.) Type in the text box your desired message and let our visualizer do the rest. In our example we chose to write Party Time!

The visualizer allows you to look at a visual representation of what your design looks like before you place your order.

DISCLAIMER: Font Style may slightly differ from preview image. Please see example photos.


This example is for the Initials in Bold Font vs Script


Bold                                                      Script

This example is for the Message in Bold Font vs Script

Bold                                            Script 


Speaking of example photos, we’ve engraved a few glasses with our favorite sayings and some with initials. Let us know which is your favorite!


   Keep Calm & Play Guitar              40 Beers Old                      Happy Beer-Day!         



           Yo-ho! Yo-ho!       Beach More Worry Less       Life is a Gamble so Roll 
        A Pirate’s Life for me!                                                              the Dice           


Beach Vibes Only                              Wine A Little Laugh A lot


                           LMW                                RJB                              DMI                             


We are always working to provide more styles of glasses, new objects and an overall better experience for our Stuck in Glass customers. Have any suggestions? We’d love to hear. Comment below in the article for a chance to win a FREE Glass!


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